Apply To Become A Link Contact

Things to know:

What ACMI-Link provides: pick-up and greeting upon arrival, if possible (in some locations this may not be feasible); University information and possible tour of campus; general orientation about community; and info on churches and campus fellowships.

What ACMI-Link does NOT provide: Financial assistance (grant or loans); medical or legal assistance; visa assistance; work permits.

By volunteering as a contact on ACMI-Link, you understand that you will be expected to fulfill the minimum requirements stated in the list above.

If you have been contacted you will be expected to respond in a timely manner (three or four days). If you are unable to connect with a student for whatever reason, you understand that you need to contact the ACMI-Link administrator so another contact can be found in your area.

In the areas where several contacts are represented, you may be asked to be a part of a network with a lead person locally to help requests to be processed.

You will be responsible to send updates of your contact information to the ACMI-Link administrator. You may submit your updates here.

  • If an e-mail bounces back because you have changed your e-mail address and not updated the information on the ACMI-Link site, your name will be removed from the contact list.
  • The ACMI-Link administrator will attempt to contact you using the permanent address you have provided, and once the current e-mail is updated, your name will be re-instated on the contact list.

All contact volunteers should be familiar with and agree with ACMI's statement of faith as found in the ACMI Membership Guidelines.

Please note that becoming an ACMI Link contact does not constitute membership in ACMI. Membership is a separate function; please visit

By submitting this request you are signifying that you understand and agree with these guidelines. Thank you very much for being a part of ACMI-Link!

Fill out the form below and click Submit. The approval process will start immediately with an attempt to contact your references. Make sure to check your email for updates on progress.

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